Monday, July 1, 2013

Custom Jewelry: Disney's Haunted Mansion Stretching Parasol Girl Necklace

Two things I absolutely love - Disney and Etsy. When my two favorite things in this world collide, they tend to make beautiful music together. In this case, they make beautiful and fun custom jewelry together. 

Haunted Mansion Stretching Parasol Alligator Girl Necklace
I'm sure all the Disney-obsessed like your truly who have visited the Haunted Mansion ride are very familiar with the stretching portrait of the "parasol girl". I make it a point to say "hello" to her every time I ride the HM. She's really is one of the iconic characters associated with this popular Disney Parks ride. If you're as much of a fan of this ride and this character as I am, then you will love my latest find.

Alice, owner of the I'm as Mad as a Hatter Etsy store, created this vintage-style necklace with an upcycled image of the lovely parasol girl. The 2-inch diamond-shaped pendant hangs from an 18-inch strand and is priced at $20. Pretty reasonable for a custom piece especially when compared to the prices you'd find at the Disney Store or at the parks for similar jewelry. You can purchase the Haunted Mansion Stretching Parasol Alligator Girl necklace here.

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